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Our Aya pendant is made from the vine we help harvest and replant, Banisteriopsis Caapi, which is used in making the Ayahuasca brew. We are dedicated to sourcing our labor and materials locally, and only working with goodhearted people who deserve and need all the help they can get. We have entered into relationships with indigenous peoples in Gualaquiza that understand the value of replanting the medicine we harvest and pay for, as well as organisations committed to protecting the rainforest they call home.

From the jungle we bring the vine to Vilcabamba where we support local and travelling artisans who lovingly turn the vine into beautiful jewellery. Every pendant is charged with positive energy by people who understand the value and necessity of reconnecting with nature. We want everyone who wears our pendants to feel connected to its spirit so the pieces are coated with nothing more than organic products such as the sacred extract of Palo Santo and finally seal with coconut oil. To care for the pendant at home all that is needed is a simple reapplication of coconut oil.

50% of our proceeds go into projects that we believe are key for our evolution.

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Hatun Sunqu
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Inti Wayta
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Kawallu Sapatu
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